Art in an Egg Shell ™
Faberge Inspired Fine Art and Designs 


     For centuries, eggs have been considered as source of life and are symbolic as important gifts to be given among families and friends.

In Sanskrit scriptures, it is believed that in the beginning there was a golden egg and that the whole Universe began inside this cosmic egg. The Brahmanda is one of the eighteen
 MahaPuranas and deals with the origin of the Universe as told by Brahma. Traditional Easter eggs evolved from an ancient Druid tradition of celebrating the arrival of spring with bright and pleasant colors.

     People give decorated eggs as gifts for showing respect and loyalty among friendship and wishing fertility and happiness to a married couple.  

     In the modern world,  exquisitely decorated eggs continue to hold a market as a cherished collectible,  bringing into your home a beauty and serenity in art.


       COLLECTIONS - Exclusive, Affordable Luxury Gifts & Collectibles.

       LEARNING CENTER - Fine Art Courses & Certification Programs.

       CORPORATE / BUSINESS - Milestone and Souvenir gifts.
                                                            Team Building events.




   " Geetika's egg art is beauty to behold and craftsmanship in the finest details - meticulously put together and uniquely designed to capture one's eye, a conglomerate of sparkle, texture and carving that delights our senses! "
- Norma Carvalho
Customer since 2010

    " ... if I'm living in an eggshell, I'd like it to be one of Geetika...s ... turns eggs into treasured gems ... fabulous Faberge-style masterpieces: jewelry boxes, clocks, ornaments, merry-go-rounds, all with intricate openings and delicate beadings  that take more patience to create than Santa has magic. They'll "blow" your mind. Into Dizzy Gillespie cheeks. "
- Angela Hill,
Oakland Tribune/SJ Mercury News
'Give 'Em Hill: Of extraterrestrials, eggs, acorns and a creche'

   " Decorating an egg takes a lot of patience, but making one myself made me especially proud and appreciate the true beauty within it. What a “mEGGnificent” experience! Thank you for introducing me to the unique EGG ART! "
- Mark
( Made his first eggart with us at  only 8yrs old )


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